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The general objective of the HeLLo project is to make actors of buildings sector aware of strengths and weaknesses of the most common energy retrofit technical solutions when applied to historic buildings, hoping to contribute in the EU refurbishment strategies with issues related to the historic heritage.

Additionally, two specific objectives were defined:

to check the compatibility of some technological solutions for energy refurbishment within historic buildings;
to create a structured dissemination programme that opens the doors of laboratory life to the outside of the academic boundaries and raise awareness of the topic.

Considering the project’s strong dissemination character, actions are organized according to two main targets:

Scientific community (e.g. results will be published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, preferably in open access refereed journals; presentation and dissemination of work in prestigious conferences);
Business and the broader society (e.g. making use of existing communication channels to disseminate EU2020 project results; organization of several events as defined in the Dissemination task of the project).

Main tasks

  • WP1 Set-up and Project Management
  • WP2 Research off-site | Desk review and virtual simulation
  • WP3 Research on-site | Implementation and testing
  • WP4 Transfer of knowledge
  • WP5 Results Dissemination