9 Giugno, 2020

New Open Access paper!

Check out our new publication: Design and Construction of a New Metering Hot Box for the In Situ Hygrothermal Measurement in Dynamic Conditions of Historic Masonries.
19 Maggio, 2020

New Open Access publication!

Check-out our new OpenAccess publication:From the Dynamic Simulations Assessment of the Hygrothermal Behavior of Internal Insulation Systems for Historic Buildings towards the HeLLo Project
8 Aprile, 2020

HeLLo at Progetta Ferrara!

You can now find us also at https://www.progettaferrara.eu/it/b/2173/hello . The website progettaferrara.eu/ was born from the project “RE/ECAP: Rete Europa/Enti, Cittadini, Associazioni Partner” and it is coordinated […]
18 Marzo, 2020

Cancellation of the “Laboratorio – Mettiamo il cappotto al palazzo del Duca! – Ferrara”

In light of the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the event Luisa Dias Pereira and Marta Calzolari had been invited to participate was cancelled. We […]
30 Settembre, 2019

MSCA fellow @ INFN Ferrara

Just returned from Brussels, from Science is Wonderful! exhibition, our fellow continues the secondment period at INFN Ferrara.Stay tuned for the coming news!
18 Settembre, 2019

Installation of the 2nd insulation technology concluded

The HeLLo project thanks XELLA / YTONG for the installation of the second insulation technology .
16 Settembre, 2019

In-situ monitoring has started!

In-situ monitoring has started with the installation of the first insulation technology thanks to Coverd srl!
5 Settembre, 2019

Just before the European Researchers- Night 2019, HeLLo will be present at Science is Wonderful! 2019

Just before the European Researchers Night 2019, HeLLo will be present at Science is Wonderful! 2019, in KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Brussels. On 25 and 26 […]
29 Luglio, 2019

HeLLo team has set-up the technical worktables!

The HeLLo team has set-up the technical worktables between hygrothermal insulation material companies (COVERD, Xella and Rockwool) and field experts (Heritage Authorities) towards the forthcoming in-situ […]