We’re back! With a new collaboration: the UNCHARTED project

Ciao! Arrivederci!!!
Settembre 30, 2020
New OpenAccess paper published in TECHNE 21!
Settembre 1, 2021

Though HeLLo ‘obligations’ ended on September 2020, HeLLo intends to continue surprising you. Besides forthcoming results (stick around!), HeLLo has just established a new collaboration with the UNCHARTED project. This research and innovation action was selected under the call TR-08-2019 and deals with understanding, capturing and fostering the societal value of culture.

From this ‘joint venture’ you will soon assist the common interests both projects share in the domain of cultural heritage research, that is to say UNCHARTED project results.

In cause you do not know it yet, do take a look at digitalmeetsculture.net online magazine and UNCHARTED blog.

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