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Novembre 30, 2018
Research is going on but now we need a recharging break. Team HeLLo wishes you a merry insulated christmas 😁
Dicembre 21, 2018

Since our main goal is the hygrothermal assessment of retrofit solutions for historic buildings, we settled our LivingLab in one of the unrefurbished rooms of Palazzo Tassoni.

Herein, where all the initial tests will be conducted, it was decided to build and in-situ climate chamber aiming at enhancing the sustainability of the entire monitoring system/process: instead of heating the entire room where tests will be conducted, this box will allow saving energy through a long-term experiment and also to control the “inside” temperature for the future survey.

As a part of our DisseminationLabs, during 2018 SchooLab activity, students of the 2nd year of the Architecture Degree Programme were involved in the construction of the simple hot box.

The walls are made of small timber elements (platform-frame construction system), composed of osb panels (18 mm) on each side of a structural wooden beam (section 90 x 90 mm).

Every façade of the box was built on the ground, a horizontal and safe work plan for the students. At the end, the walls were elevated and mounted by the employees of the construction company Giorgi Roberto (who gently provided the material).

Thanks to Giorgi Roberto Lavorazioni Legno, Arch. Ph.D. Giuseppe Camillo Santangelo and all the students involved for the collaboration!